Taylor Swift is a gamer!

Taylor Swift is a gamer!

OMG, yesterday during the MTV VMAs 2023 Taylor Swift was the night's  big winner, earning nine Moon Man trophies, but did you know that Taylor Swift is like a secret gamer? She's 33 and she plays video games:-) How cool is that? 

When you listen to her music, you find clues in her songs.

It's insane! I mean, listen to her album "Midnights" and you'll see what I'm talking about. There are so many references and clues hidden in there! Check this out.

Okay, so in the song "Karma," she drops a line about being the "King of Thieves." And get this, it's a nod to the mobile game "King of Thieves" by Zeptolab. How cool is that?

Then in "High Infidelity," she mentions stuff like "game token" and "Bad Omen" - totally giving a shoutout to BattlePass games and that feeling when you slay a pillager captain in Minecraft. She knows her stuff!

But wait, there's more! In "Mastermind," she goes all out with references to chess. Lines like "checkmate" and "pawn, in every lover's game" - she's definitely the queen of strategy. And she even says "it was all by design," hinting at her being a game developer and calling the shots!

In "Great War," she mentions "crimson clover" and my gaming senses are tingling! It's gotta be a nod to the crimson evil biome in Terraria. And there are other lyrics that give me major Battlefield vibes. So epic!

And don't even get me started on "Glitch" - the title says it all! Taylor's clearly inspired by video games gone wild. And when she says "Blood Moon lit," I get Terrarian goosebumps! It's an event from Terraria that spawns creepy monsters at night.

Then there's "Anti-Hero" where she's all about the "graveyard shift." Totally reminiscent of Terraria NPCs changing their sales when they're in a graveyard biome. She's taking it to the next level!

Oh, and "Bejeweled," the intro just screams hallow biome from Terraria. And she goes all out with "Shimmer!" - a nod to the new liquid introduced in Terraria 1.4.4. Taylor's a true gamer at heart! And "Diamonds gotta shine" - could it be a Minecraft ore reference? Who knows!

And here's the craziest part - in the music video for "End Game" back in 2017, there's a clip of her playing on a pocket console. Girl's been gaming for a while now!

I wouldn't be surprised if she has a PS5 stashed away at home. I mean, she's been dropping hints since the Reputation era. Taylor Swift, the undercover gaming legend! How awesome is that?! We are all gamers:-)



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