Ingredient that protects the skin against the pro-aging effect of IRA

Ingredient that protects the skin against the pro-aging effect of IRA

Sunflower Sprouts to Protect Collagen and Support Mitochondrial Functions

Sunflowers turn towards the sun, symbolizing not only homage and constancy but also power, warmth and nourishment-the attributes of the sun.

Organic sunflower sprouts were selected as a source for our active ingredient because, in comparison to the mature plant, they have a much higher content of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. In addition, they have a range of secondary metabolites which protect the plant from diseases, damages, pathogens, extreme sun radiation and pollutants. Our organic sunflower sprout extract was found to support the general functioning of the mitochondria, notably by helping them to maintain their production of energy despite stress and aging. In addition, gene array analysis (data is not shown) revealed that this extract was also able to protect collagen from H2O2-induced oxidative stress in fibroblasts.

Tara Tannins, a Powerful Antioxidant

Tannis extracted from Caesalpinia spinosa (tara) are highly efficient and stable antioxidants. Tara is a small leguminous tree that is native to the Peruvian Andes and which tolerates dry climates and poor soils (notably sandy to rocky soils). Tara has large, colorful flowers and fruits called pods that range from a reddish to brown color. Tara´s pods, which are used in traditional medicine to treat infections and to improve healing, are very rich in hydrolysable tannis with garlic acid as the main constituent. In fact, thanks to their capacity to bind to proteins, tannis are able to inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria by interfering with their cell walls. Tara tannis are also knows as being efficient antioxidants, clasically as electron donators but also as metal ion chelators.

Protective Mechanism of IG ingredient against the Pro-Aging Effect of IRA

IG combines tara tannis with organic sunflower sprouts in order to protect the skin against the pro-aging effect of IRA through two mechanisms:
-by blocking the formation of ROS inside the mitochondria and the resulting MMP-1 synthesis in the cells

-by supporting mitochondrial functions, notably energy production


IG -Study results

Antioxidant Power Compared to that of Vitamin C
The antioxidant power (AP) of infrag (IG) was determined by evaluating its capacity to reduce DPPH (diphenyl-picryl-hydrazyl), which is a stable and well known radical, by using Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) spectroscopy. This technique is used to detect unpaired electrons in radicals. The AP indicates the quantity of free radicals that are neutralized according to the time and therefore this value provides information about both the intensity of the reaction and its speed. A high AP corresponds to a stronger capacity to neutralize free radicals correlated to a short reaction time. The AP of IR (dry matters) was benchmarked against pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and compared to known values of other substances in their pure form such as green tea. 

As shown in the graph, IG has a high AP which indicates that it neutralizes antioxidants and free radicals both in a strong and fast way. It is therefore an effective and efficient antioxidant. Furthermore, IG was shown to be almost as active as vitamin C and much more efficient that green tea.


Source: S-605, Mibelle Biochemistry

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