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GIG Brand story

Once upon a time, there was a team of skincare enthusiasts who were passionate about creating natural products that would bring out the best in people's skin. They spent countless hours researching ingredients that were gentle yet effective, always keeping in mind their goal of creating products that would make people feel confident and beautiful.

One day, the team stumbled upon the Axolotl, a quirky and charming creature that immediately captured their hearts. Known for its regenerative abilities and unique appearance, the Axolotl inspired the team to create a skincare that focused on healing and revitalisation.

Thus, GIG Skincare was born.

From the beginning, the team knew that they wanted to incorporate the Axolotl´s distinctive features into the GIG brand. Packaging was designed with a playful vibe, while still ensuring that the products are vegan, unisex and cruelty-free. Furthermore, GIG's formulas are infused with natural ingredients that promote healing, regeneration, and nourishment, just like Axolotl's regenerative abilities.
The brand's star ingredient is
Lilac Stem Cell and Sunflower Sprout extract , natural ingredients extremely high in antioxidants and clinically proven for cellular function and repair in the skin,  and Lactobionic Acid, a natural and gentle exfoliant that helps to unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and prevent blemishes.

But what really makes GIG Skincare stand out is their Icon, the Axolotl. This quirky and lovable creature embodies the brand's values of healing, regeneration, and renewal.

The Axolotl serves as a constant reminder of the brand's commitment to creating products that help people feel good about themselves, both inside and out.

In conclusion, GIG  is more than just another skincare brand – it's a celebration of natural beauty and the regenerative powers of nature.

We support nature and in collaboration with ONE TREE PLANTED organisation,  for every order received, we plan one tree!

With the Axolotl as its inspiration and mascot, the brand encourages everyone to embrace their unique qualities and treat their skin with the care and respect it deserves.