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Organic cosmetics - your body, nature, and the environment will thank you

Are you concerned about the impact of your daily beauty routine on the environment? You're in the right place. There are many good reasons to choose eco cosmetics over ordinary ones. Your health and that of our planet will thank you! 
In this article, we're going to discover the main differences between natural and traditional cosmetics, as well as their benefits.
To start with, let's clear this out, what a natural skincare product is. It’s important for consumers to know that it isn’t just about what goes into your product; it’s also about what the ingredients are made from, how they are processed and where they come from.
Natural skincare products have been around almost since the beginning of time in one form or another. However, for the last fifty years, traditional cosmetics packed with chemicals have been clearly the trend.  

If a product has a natural and organic label, it means that it is 95% (or more) composed of organic ingredients. GIG Cosmetics is a good example of a company that really cares about creating natural products, as over 96% of ingredients in both Hydrating and Moisturising Cream are natural.


What´s the main difference between an eco-cosmetic and a traditional one?  
As a matter of fact, traditional cosmetics usually contain silicone, mineral oils, synthetic polymers, preservatives and artificial perfumes. Whereas in organic cosmetics we have plant elements such as vegetable oils and essential oils which replace the synthetic elements. Furthermore if you use preservatives they must be certified.

A natural skin care products will use all organic ingredients and concentrates how it's made, plus the skin care cream or face wash balances your skins PH levels so that it doesn't dry out.
Natural skincare products are free from synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances and colorants. They contain ingredients found in nature such as fruit extracts, vegetable oils, plant extracts and essential oils.
Natural skincare products are made from natural ingredients. They are free from any chemicals or preservatives. In fact, they contain very little or no chemicals at all. These products are made from fruits, herbs and plants that are grown organically.
Traditional cosmetics contain synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances and colorants which can irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies.
They may also cause allergic reactions on your face, in comparison with natural cosmetics that do not have any side effects and are 100% safe for use on the skin.
Natural cosmetics are not only better for your skin but also they are better for the environment.
When you use synthetic and chemical products, not only do they leave traces on your skin, but they also end up contaminating the air and water. As a matter of fact, some recent studies show that some ingredients contained in sunscreen damage coral reefs and cause their bleaching. By using bio-cosmetics, you'll avoid this damage and protect ecosystems.

Moreover, natural skincare products also help you maintain your skin's moisture levels without causing any side effects on your skin since these products contain natural ingredients which help to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day without causing any damage to your skin in any way possible!

The cosmetics industry is one of the least regulated markets in the world. As a matter of fact, many beauty products contain toxic substances. Some studies also claim that our bodies absorb up to 5 kilos of harmful substances through beauty products per year.
To sum up, you should be aware of the differences between natural vs traditional cosmetics and make a choice by yourself.
Undoubtedly, when we think about our planet and our health, we should choose natural products and companies that do care about your health.
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